Rectangular Bronze Talik Cushion Front, Velvet Side
Square Bronze Talik Cushion Front, Velvet Side
A woman sitting on a woven rug, hugging a stack of four decorative pillows in various colors, including Bronze, Cream, Dusk, and Mist. She has a relaxed and content expression, and the bright, airy room in the background enhances the cozy and inviting mood.
A minimalistic bed setup with light gray bedding and a bronze-colored accent pillow. The bed has a simple, beige headboard against a white wall, creating a serene and modern atmosphere.
A cozy living room scene featuring a dark green sectional sofa adorned with decorative pillows in Bronze, Mist, and Cream. The room has large windows allowing natural light to fill the space, a modern floor lamp, and a colorful, patterned rug, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
A stylish arrangement of decorative pillows in shades of Bronze, Mist, and Cream stacked on a black chair. One pillow lies on the floor, adding a casual yet elegant touch to the bright and cozy room with light-colored walls and a woven rug.

Talik Velvet Cushion Cover - Bronze

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Handcrafted in Turkey, our Talik Velvet Cushion Covers are woven from an elegant silk velvet with a natural linen backing.

Feather cushion insert sold separately

Size: 50 x 50cm

50 x 50cm
60 x 40cm

7 Colours

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100% soft linen