About us
At CULTIVER, we are inspired by a way of life that embraces quality and timelessness in the things we use most frequently.
Enjoy Everyday
At CULTIVER, we believe in finding enjoyment in the things we use most frequently. Wherever you use them - in bed, at the table, or around the house...we hope you find our products bring beauty and moments of appreciation to your daily rituals.
Image shows a mirror reflecting a hand holding a small branch with flowers and leaves, resting on top of a linen sheet.
Our Founder
“Our customers know that the little things can make a real difference to how we live. My vision for CULTIVER is to offer a curated collection of the best items for our homes that can make everyday more enjoyable as we use them. I am passionate about making our customers experience with CULTIVER - online or off - one that delights and inspires.”
Nicolle Sullivan
Founder, CEO
Image shows three Cultiver staff in the office working and conversing.
CULTIVER Head Office, Sydney.
Our Textiles
Thoughtfully sourced, carefully selected, with premium quality and style in mind.
Image shows Cultiver linen bedding styled on bed in the colour Sage
Linen for Bed
The best linen flax is sourced from Europe due to the gentle climate, and this is where CULTIVER flax originates. The flax is then woven and manufactured into our products by our manufacturing partners in Portugal and China. Pre-washed for softness, CULTIVER linen has been designed to showcase the best of what this textile has to offer. An enzyme wash is used to accelerate the softening process so that your linen has a vintage feel from first use. All of our linen is OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning it has met strict global criteria guaranteeing that no harmful substances have been used during the manufacturing process.
image shows person with a Cultiver pure linen towel wrapped around themselves.
Linen for Bath
Airy and soft, pure linen has a high propensity to absorb moisture without feeling wet. At 550gsm, our 100% Pure Linen towels are light and quick to dry, yet substantial and designed to last. Our Bathroom Collection is also OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning they’ve been tested against strict global criteria to ensure there are no harmful substances used during the manufacturing process.
Image shows model with Cultiver denim towel wrapped around themselves.
Denim Towels
Our Denim Towels are made from a blend of Lyocell and combed cotton that contains recycled denim fibres. Lyocell is made from natural wood cellulose, which is spun to make long fibre strands, and is a highly sustainable, absorbent, soft and durable fabric. Our Denim Towels are also certified OEKO-TEX®, meaning they have met strict global criteria guaranteeing that no harmful substances have been used during the manufacturing process.
Image shows hands placed on Cultiver silk linen flip pillowcase in the smoke grey colour.
Mulberry Silk
One side of our Silk and Linen Flip Pillowcases feature 100% Mulberry silk, which is the highest grade of silk available. Offering benefits to both the skin and hair, Mulberry silk is known for its rich smoothness and durability. It is also completely natural, odourless and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin. Our silk has a high momme weight of 19, which refers to the density and durability of the weave. The higher the momme, the better quality the silk.
image shows close up of Turkish cotton material used in certain Cultiver products.
Turkish Cotton
Made from 100% Pure Cotton, our range of Marais robes are finished by hand to maintain high quality, without sacrificing comfort or style.
Couch featuring pillows with Cultiver pillowcases. 3 are in view, 2 of which are patterned and one is not.
Silk Velvet
Our Silk Velvet cushion collection is made from luxurious fabrics sourced in Turkey. Weaving Ikat patterns into Silk Velvet has been a tradition in the region for centuries. Each design is selected based on the highest quality velvet and timeless designs.
Watch how linen feels.
Image shows a model in a bed styled with Cultiver linen bedding. Products are from the Forest collection.