MOTHER'S DAY SERIES | Elizabeth Antonia

03 MAY

Elizabeth Antonia, Creative Director and Blogger shares her personal experience of motherhood, including the ups and downs.

HOW TO | Take leisure seriously

11 APR

In a world of crammed schedules, where busyness is often worn as a badge of honour, it’s not uncommon to feel confused and anxious when faced with a spare moment. Today on CULTIVER Notes, we interview two leisure-seekers, Kirra Jamison and Stephen Ormandy on just how and why they take their leisure seriously.

TRAVEL | Exploring Australia

28 MAR

Whatever kind of holiday you’re in the mood for, we hope these places will inspire you to explore new destinations while enjoying some precious leisure moments.

TRAVEL | Rhiannon Taylor's Destination Wedding

07 MAR

If you spend your life staying in the very best places all over the world, how do you then decide where to get married?

HOW TO | 4 ways to repurpose your linen bags

20 FEB

We’ve recently been inspired by the creative ways these have been repurposed and with this in mind have put together four of our own ideas.

JEN SCHIPPER | My new go-to wedding gift

20 FEB

This week on CULTIVER Notes, Stylist Jen Schipper shares her lightbulb moment when she discovered the perfect wedding gift.

HOW TO | Plan a fuss-free picnic

12 FEB

Whether you’re planning a romantic date or catching up with a group of friends, there’s no better way to enjoy these warm afternoons than a picnic.

INTERVIEW | Create a gallery wall with Tali Roth

31 JAN

There’s no denying Interior Designer, Tali Roth is one of our favourite Aussie creatives. Her gall...

TRAVEL | Acre of Roses

16 JAN

As the new year has officially kicked into gear and the holidays begin to seem like a distant memory, it’s comforting to know that there are...

INTERVIEW | Rian Smith

04 JAN

It’s always fascinating to see how people who style interiors for a living go about designing and setting up their own spaces. Today we step...