Cultivating the good life. est. 2012

At CULTIVER, we believe in intentionally filling your life with the best and mindfully choosing to consume things that make you feel a little bit decadent every time you use them.

Our philosophy? We believe in everyday luxury.

Cultivating this everyday luxury is particularly important when it comes to the things you use frequently. Offering stonewashed bedding in a range of colours, tabletop linens, vintage silk velvet cushions, Turkish cotton robes, and stylish sleepwear, we believe in enhancing daily activities with luxurious accessories. 

What makes CULTIVER, the brand, special?

While our products are truly luxurious and exceptionally made, our goal is not only to delight customers with our products. We are also driven to elevate the customer experience by:

  • Offering our customers the same level of customer service that they would experience in any luxury boutique in the ‘real world’. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations every time, whether it is by customising a product especially for a customer or delivering a gift, wrapped and with a handwritten note;

  • Curating and producing products with the intention that they are used and loved for years, based on our impeccable aesthetic and dedication to offering only the products representing the best in their category;

  • Hand selecting our suppliers based on their skills and specialisations, ensuring their values align with ours and with those of our customers. We work directly with our chosen team to ensure this is always the case, and is sustainable;

  • Ensuring access for our customers around the world, through our global distribution.
"..CULTIVER has the best linen..." (Vogue)
"Crafting linen since 2012" (Stylist)
"The best nights sleep" (Marie Claire)