Caring for your CULTIVER products


Linen fabric is woven from the fibres of the flax plant, a crop grown predominantly in Western Europe. CULTIVER fabrics originate in France.

Airy and soft, pure linen feels cool to touch. It has a high propensity to absorb moisture without feeling wet. This makes it a very comfortable fabric for sleeping in whether you tend to be a “hot” or “cold” sleeper.

Linen becomes softer the more it is washed – stone washing during the manufacture process accelerates this effect. As part of the manufacturing process, CULTIVER sheets are put through a wash cycle with stones and natural enzymes to soften it. This also serves to pre-shrink the bedding.

As it becomes softer, pure linen fabric holds creases less, and attains a silky yet substantial feel and beautiful drape. The weightiness and softness is luxurious but not stuffy or stifling. Most people find linen to be the most comfortable fabric they have ever slept in – more breathable then even ultra high thread count cotton.


Aside from the comfort of sleeping in linen, you will love the look of it in your bedroom. Linen bedding has a distinctive texture and drape, which is both stylish on it’s own and highly adaptable to many bedroom styles.


We advise a warm gentle machine wash. Do not bleach or soak. Do not dry-clean. As with all bedding and clothing, new linen should be washed before using for the first time. Regular use and laundering will only make the bedding softer, more supple and long lasting.

Linen sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover

If tumble drying, use a warm setting. Pull out promptly when finished and stretch out over the bed. Warm iron if desired. 

Our 100% pure linen duvet covers feature a beautifully finished button closure, to keep your duvet inset in place and your bed looking as elegant or relaxed as you wish. If you happen to lose a button, contact for a replacement.

Our pure linen pillowcases feature a centre back opening to allow for pillow inserts to sit snugly inside, and present neatly without a gaping side opening when on your bed. 


How long should my linen last?

Linen is measured in GSM which refers to grams per square metre (of flax fibres). CULTIVER linen is produced at 165gsm, which is the optimum weight to achieve both a long lifespan and the immediate softness of your linen bedding (in times gone by, linen bedding was made from much heavier weight fabric, so it took years to achieve softness and the lightness we expect in bedding today).

When cared for correctly, linen bedding will last many years, however it is important to note that we have designed our range to ensure that our linen is soft from your very first sleep, which puts it later in its life cycle than a much heavier linen GSM. Keep in mind that even though linen as a fabric is more durable than other fabrics including cotton, it is not exempt from wear and tear from incorrect care, and constant use. To ensure your linen bedding lasts a number of years, we recommend you follow our care instructions and follow the European mentality of - one set on the bed, one set on the line - to reduce wear.

Fitted sheets are a relatively new product to the market of pure linen bedding. Due to the strain they come under  their use - frequent and considerable - signs of wear appear earlier than on top sheets and duvet covers. As CULTIVER linen at 165gsm is thicker than most, this is not a flaw in the fabric, it is a normal result from consistent use and frequent machine washing and drying. To make sure your linen sets last longer, we suggest purchasing more than one fitted sheet to alternate between uses, as your top of bed sheets will come under less strain and therefore will wear more slowly. Alternatively, consider using a flat sheet with border as a fitted sheet tucked under, as this puts less strain on the linen and will reduce wear. 


Our Marais robe is produced from 100% combed cotton.  It can be machine washed on a warm cycle (up to 40C) and then simply hung on a coathanger to dry. Warm iron if desired. Remove the tie belt before washing.


Our unique cushions are handmade in Turkey from vintage silk velvet fabric, with 100% linen backing. They have an invisble zipper closure for easy removal of the insert should the cover require cleaning. We recommend dry cleaning these delicate fabrics to preserve their beauty.

*GSM refers to grams per square metre (of flax fibres) - the way linen fabrics are graded and compared.