Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be purchased for bedlinen products. Upon completing your purchase of a Gift Certificate, you will be sent a physical voucher containing a code to be applied at checkout which will deduct the amount of the gift voucher from the redeemer's total.   

We are unable to offer open amount value certificates at this time. If you wish to give a gift of a duvet cover and pillowcases, for example, please purchase a gift certificate for each item and you will be issued 2 separate codes to be applied when the receiver redeems their gift. 

When a CULTIVER Gift Certificate is purchased, GST is not charged because the voucher is not officially classified as a good or a service. Upon redemption of the voucher, the recipient must pay the GST inclusive prices for any items purchased, however we have priced all of our gift vouchers at the GST inclusive price of the applicable product. This makes the purchase easy for the recipient and ensures they will not be required to make an additional payment when redeeming the voucher.

Click here to purchase a Gift Certificate.