STYLING | DIY Ceramic Shelf Display

01 JUL

Getting a maximalist shelf look in a monochrome palette is an easy way to add a huge impact to your space. We want to fill our shelves and make them look beautiful, like a stylist, but often don't know how, or think it will cost the earth. For the revamp of CULTIVER HQ the task was to create a cohesive space in a soft colour palette with accents of black to make the softer tones pop. I had been dying to test out my ceramics idea and the display shelves were the perfect place to give it a go. As an avid op-shopper I knew we could do this without huge expense, we just needed to select shapes and sizes that would create a beautiful shape when arranged. 

I started by scouring 3 charity shops local to me and purchasing ceramics in interesting shapes and ranging in size from tiny to huge, from skinny to fat. Some might be put off by the hideous floral patterns or milky glass, but you need to put on your 'stylist' glasses and see the possibilities it has. Once I had around 20 pieces, I went to Bunnings and bought a few cans of Rust-oleum 2x Ultra Cover Paint and Primer spray, which provided a nice matte finish and there was no preparation required (besides a little dusting!). After a few hours of drying time in the sun they were good to go and I played around with the shape until I had it just right. Pyramid constellations work well as it looks balanced, these can have tapered ends and each end does not necessarily have to be the same size, this is why getting a variety of heights is important. Have a go yourself and tag us with #cultivershelfie to show off your shelf!