Behind The Scenes At CULTIVER HQ

13 JUL

As CULTIVER has grown over the years, so too have our office spaces. CULTIVER made the move to a large, open plan space at the beginning of 2016. This proved to have a positive impact both stylistically and on the team. We engaged Claudia Stephenson Interiors to create a contemporary, light filled interior that was reflective of the CULTIVER brand. Using a large bank of white trestle tables as the central focus we were able to define the office to suit our needs. We were able to create a space for the team to work everyday in a collaborative way, a separate space for the Founder, Nicolle to dream big, a breakout area to have informal meetings and a dining/meeting table.

Claudia specified contemporary designs with classic materials like the marble tulip table, the soft leather sling chairs from Barnaby Lane, the mid century modern glass desk from West Elm, the black Hay swivel chair from Cult Designs and the icing on the cake, the Atollo lamp from Euroluce in a brass finish. 
It was easy to warm the space up by adding sheer soft grey curtains along the large wall of windows which do the perfect job of filtering the light streaming through all day. Next came the rugs, as the building was previously home to a tile manufacturer there was large expanses of tiles to deal with. We used a mix of vintage over dyed rugs in similar tones sourced on Etsy and layered them up for a more eclectic feel. Adding a neutral cream cow hide in the eating area broke up the space further without seeming jarring. We went for an Armadillo Twine Weave rug for under the silo-ed desk in similar tones.
Dressing the walls was very important, we painted the main wall leading up to the office a deep charcoal to add impact and balance the light tones of the floors, drapes and other walls, we used basic black shelving from IKEA for display purposes and Claudia created an all black minimalist/maximalist ceramics cluster on the top of these shelves. We commissioned a huge pin board in our Smoke linen fabric and resident 'pinner' Jo constantly updates the imagery reflective of new designs and directions we are taking the brand. Next to that behind the main bank of desks is the cluster art wall. A mix of vintage, Etsy and the main act - a Love Warriors print from Norsu Interiors
The space is now a bit of a haven for us all, something we love walking into each and every morning and an ever evolving set for our beautiful linens to come to life.