V A L E N T I N E S I N T E R V I E W | Jess from Kindred Floral

12 FEB
Jessica Hartigan made the transition from Fashion to Flowers in 2013 and started Kindred Floral, a boutique Floral Design studio based in Sydney. We were blown away by Jess's stunning arrangements at an event she styled for us last year, and  since then we keep finding excuses to have her put together a beautiful arrangement for us. One to put on speed dial for whenever you need to send flowers to someone in Sydney, or need flowers for an event. 
(Photography by Jacqui Turk at the CULTIVER Saint Cloche event 2015)
What is your view on the most romantic flowers for Valentines Day other than traditional roses? I am an old romantic so I still really love roses but I would probably prefer to use local, garden roses in soft pretty colours as apposed to the traditional red rose. You could look at mixing these back with some other seasonal flowers such as hydrangea, dahlias and even tuberose which has the most amazing fragrance. For me its the thought that is romantic so choosing something that suits the taste of the valentine is the key.

(Image from @kindredfloral)

Do you have any advice for a woman who would like to buy her date flowers? Natives work nicely for a man or even some lush tropical greenery which will last really well too! Foliage can look really beautiful en masse. If he has a sense of humour even a little mini pineapple or two.

(image from @kindredfloral)

What is the most memorable 'secret admirer' delivery story from your experiences on Valentines Day? I once had a customer send his Valentine all her favourite flowers every day for the week before Valentines Day. I thought that was pretty romantic!

(image from @kindredfloral)