STYLING | 5 Key Elements To A Great Room

Posted by Kendall Palghat on

Claudia Stephenson is a Sydney based Stylist and Decorator, with a tremendous knack for finding a perfect piece (at any budget) and putting it together . We asked her to share her top 5 elements to creating a great room...

1. How the room is arranged 

Please don't make this around a television... a successful room should encourage interaction among people, position furniture for ease of conversation and comfort. Also be thoughtful of what the sittee is looking at, positioning of art, mirrors or windows to capture a spectacular view or pleasing floral arrangement. 

2. A clean, clutter free zone -

You want people to want to be in your room, right? Make sure its easy to be there, get rid of unnecessary there one side table too many? Too much storage that can be relocated? Designate areas for your everyday detritus that is not in the line of sight and keep it tidy.

3. Personality -

While I believe a successful room should be minimal and clutter free, it should not be devoid of personality. Bring it to life with your carefully curated art collection. A small selection of well placed ornaments or ceramics gives visitors a sense of who you are, make it a beautiful one!

4. Keep it current -

If like me, your tastes are ever evolving, update your look each year with a fresh round of pillows, a new side table, an addition to the art collection. Save your pennies and replace that Freedom couch with a prized Jardan Nook sofa, get rid of that flea market lamp and invest in an Oluce Atollo in brass. Love what surrounds you, invest in the best you can afford and have fun with the accessorising

5. Be brave -

Dreaming of a large scale diagonal striped feature wall in the softest of grey? Sheer, pooling curtains in your fantasies? Be brave! Take a risk in your room of choice and make a bold statement that reflects your personality, don't take trends too seriously here, if its hand painted De Gournay you love, do it! A vintage french chandelier? Absolutely! You'll smile every time you walk into the room and people will feel the pride you have taken in making this a room to live in, that's success!