E A T | Brunch with Mélanie

Posted by Josephine Angkasa on

Those days when you invite friends over for a meal are among the most precious dates in your calendar. There’ll always be something special about sharing a wonderful meal with the people you love. The problem is, cooking for six while juggling everything else can easily become another stress you really don’t need. I mean, there’s a reason why Christmas only comes once a year. Thankfully, there is another way, and my solution is simple. I just time my summer get-togethers around my favourite meal of the day: breakfast. Now, before all the late-starters groan at the thought of receiving 9am guests, remember, this is one meal you can really pull off in style without cooking a thing. Instead of sprouting extra grey hairs worrying about a three-course dinner, I simply send my husband out for croissants, pains au chocolat, brioche and berries from my favorite local bakery, Phillippa's, while I swap my time between laying out the table and basking on my terrace.