I N T E R V I E W | Karling Hamill

12 OCT
For our 2015 Spring Summer Campaign, we were thrilled to shoot inside the beautiful home of Karling Hamill.  Having seen snippets of her home on Instagram and in magazines, we were instantly drawn to her Oak floorboards and feature wall. Kindly letting us use her home for a day to shoot our campaign, we learnt not only of her skill to style a house with lovely things as we tinkered away at the bed, but also of the many other skills she possessed; from project managing for the UN and a Bank in her professional life, to singing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, mum of 2, and working as a stylist and photographer in her spare time (!). We asked a few questions to get more of an insight in to the lady behind house. 
1. What have you cut out of your life to make time to do the things you really want?
I’ve cut back on sleep (a lot!), I very rarely purchase clothes and I own nothing designer (no bags, no shoes, no clothes).  All my savings have gone into the house,  art – and travel with the kids.  We love to travel and always explore as a family.  Sure they complain sometimes but I hope when they are older they can reflect appreciatively on visiting with school kids in a field in rural Vietnam, picking through ruins many centuries old in an abandoned field at sunrise, watching old men herd goats through a remote village in Andalucia, people watching at a busy cafe in Paris - and even think fondly on that time mum took them for a 2 hour hike in a NZ national forest only to emerge some 7-8 hours later!!  (my sense of direction is not my forte)
2. Describe a typical Sunday morning.
Sundays are my favourite day!  This is the day we like to head out of town.  Typically my husband and I sleep in a little, chat and chill a bit in bed, before the kids come looking for us.  Then we wander down the street together to the local café for brekkie.  We might have friends over for a long lunch or most likely we pack up our car and head out of town to the hills or the beach for a picnic and a long walk.  Sunday dinners are almost always at our house where we cook for up to 15 people on a regular basis.  Our Sundays are about to be a lot more fun with a puppy set to join our house in a fortnight!  (You can find pup on instagram at 'cocoandru')
3. Your home is basically most peoples' wishlist, what’s on your wishlist?
That is very kind of you to say!   :)   My wishlist always consists of holiday travel but in terms of the home, I’d love to install a lap pool!   Or maybe a king size bed, perfect for my cultiver linen!  I'm missing a few floor lamps too, the gubi grasshopper is still on my list of 'one days'.  Oh and I looooove the Sit-Ka day bed.
4. What was your favourite home cooked meal growing up?
My dad makes the best Malaysian chicken curry!  He grows his own curry leaves and kaffir lime for it.  It’s still one of my favourite home cooked meals today.  My parents have a huge Malaysian curry plant growing in their front garden. Older Asian ladies (strangers) are always hanging about taking cuttings.  One year a car pulled up and they decimated the plant to the point where my mum put up a huge sign saying ‘DO NOT STEAL JUST ASK FIRST’.  Their kaffir lime tree is also legendary.
Photo of my dad's curry attached.   His recipe is a secret, dad never lets us watch what he puts into it!  But here is my version (and it is no where close to my Dad's). OK a weird recipe right?  But it works for me!
5. Describe the contents of your bag right now. (feel free to take a photo!)
 I’m a photographer and a singer most days at the moment so currently my bag looks like this: 
My music
My camera
Food always – today, chocolate coated pretzels, apple,
Perfume – Santal 33 by Le Labo
My laptop decorated by my daughter
My watch by The Horse (which I carry but never wear as I don’t like anything touching my wrists)
Lip gloss
Oh – and my iPhone which I’m currently using to take a photo!
Thank you!!
Instagram:  littlekarstar