L I F E S T Y L E | Podcasts for a rainy day

04 NOV

1. The Moth


Described as "Brilliant and quietly addictive" by the London Guardian, the Moth is an acclaimed not-for-profit organisation that revolves around the art of storytelling. The podcast involves a great range of authentic human experiences told through storytelling, which provide a unique and intimate listening experience whenever you choose to tune in.  

2. Serial 


In 2014, Serial premiered its first podcast season, the story of Hae Min Lee, a girl who was murdered in 1999. Sarah Koenig, the host of the podcast, spent months scouring evidence, legal notes and testimony to shed insight on the guilty verdict of her ex-boyfriend Adnan. The story is both compelling and addictive, blurring the lines between the truth and the criminal justice system. Follow along with Sarah on her search for answers. 

3. Radiolab

Radiolab is a self proclaimed "show about curiosity". Episodes have featured everything from communicating with dolphins, facebook experiments to a history lesson on the table of elements. This podcast is perfect if you're looking to heighten your curiosity and embrace new ideas. 

4. Betty In the Sky With a Suitcase

This podcast features 'Betty' a flight attendant for a major airline. In each podcast she tells the untold stories you've always wondered about from behind the scenes of the flight attendant lifestyle including: celebrity mishaps, sleepwalking passengers and more. 

5. Stuff You Should Know

From 'How to donate your body to science' to 'How auto-tune works', the Stuff You Should Know podcast is dedicated to educating listeners on anything and everything. Each episode gives you a well covered subject in just 30 minutes.