Portrait of the artist | Susie Dureau

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Susie Dureau is an artist from Sydney, Australia. Her landscape paintings are portals into magical imaginary worlds. 

We were intrigued by recent works of Susie's painted in oil on French Linen.  She told us,

"I have painted a new series of roundels on raw linen. I have worked on linen for a long time but usually it is stretched over a frame and primed so the beautiful quality and colour of the support is somewhat lost. This time I have used embroidery hoops to grab the painting surface and leave a wide reserve of the loomstate linen around.

Linen has been the preferred painting surface for oil painters since the 16th C. Tapping into the wisdom and traditions of painters past is important to me in my art practice. There is something very spiritual about working with linen, as the support for a painting it embodies a certain integrity before the image is even laid down. It implores me to paint with truth and love."

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE - Current Exhibition

"A few months ago, I found myself on a ship somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

 There was water all around as far as I could see. Upwards was sky…. limitless space… cloud-filled by day and starry by night. The rare Venus and Jupiter conjunction was playing out in the celestial drama. I tracked the stars every night with an app on my phone - marveling about how we circle around each other.

One cold, squally night I was on the top deck looking over at rails at the dark wake. Only one other person was on deck with me – a stranger. It was eerie and quiet and I felt vulnerable - and yet - far away from any land I have known, I felt a euphoric sense of belonging.

This work is about that moment of connection to being where you are.

Wherever you are."

Every Little Thing, 2015

See more of Susie's latest works in the collection "This must be the Place", on her website .