Style Series - Mélanie

Posted by Josephine Angkasa on

Mélanie Beauvironnois, curator at A Cut Above the Retsy shares with CULTIVER the details of her serene bedroom.
"We moved to a new house about a year ago and I was really excited at the prospect of being let loose in some much bigger spaces. In an ideal world, I wouldn’t mind for my home to be a little more ‘français', which loosely translates to artfully. I’m thinking piles of books and cool little bits and pieces everywhere, but for one reason or another I’ve always wound up with more of a nordic aesthetic, which actually sits with with me being a total neat-freak. The thought of gathering dust gives me heart palpitations!"
"Because our old place was so small, we didn’t have much of a ‘look’ going in our previous bedroom, so with our new one we decided to start from scratch. Thinking a headboard would be a perfect starting point, my partner and I put our heads together and realised that making it ourselves was the only way we’d get what we wanted without breaking the bank. So he constructed a deeper than normal frame out of oak and attached a sheet of thick ply to the front. We then whitewashed it to give it that “Scandinavian” touch. It was really important to us to keep it as neutral as possible because we both enjoy more colourful bedlinen."
As for our choice of artwork, we didn’t initially intend to focus on New York, but we both just love that unique NY architecture of which there’s no shortage of photography, so I turned to Etsy to grab some really nice prints. The three photographs in the frames are by an amazing photographer by the name of Tao Sorrento. The small print is by The Rain Room and its brass stand is by Yield Design.
The Monumental Guide to New York is by Swedish artist David Ehrenstråhle.