INTERVIEW | Instagrammer & Stylist Heidi O'Rourke

Posted by Kendall Palghat on

Looking for some insta inspiration? Heidi O'Rourke or 'Mozsas' sat down with us to discuss her love for interiors, instagram and of course... linen.  
1/ Living outside of Sydney, what, in your opinion, is the difference between styling a country and city home?
I have never lived in the city so it's hard for me to say but I know for me being surrounded by nature is a big influence, the colours, the textures, the seasons and the noises (or lack of) I suppose you get a bit more in tune with nature when you live amongst it.
Decorating my  dream country home, it would have to be welcoming, you know, crunchy gravel strewn with leaves and gumboots at the door, and then lots of organic textures as soon as you stepped inside!
If I was to decorate a city pad I'd probably go a bit more bold and sophisticated. I love that lofty warehouse type living you see in the city. Edgy, rustic and industrial all at the same time!
2/ We read on Kim Klassen dot com that you like to collect bones - what's the most interesting / creative thing you have done with them?
ha ha yes! We have a large property in Central West NSW, we do a lot of bushwalking there, it's very rare I come back empty handed. Mostly old bones but sometimes it's a feather or just an interesting leaf.
I like to store or arrange them in baskets on shelves where I can see them.
I did make an unusual wall hanging from bones and string once, it hangs in the kitchen at our weekender, always stirs up interesting conversation.
3/ Your instagram feed is gorgeous, any tips on how to take the perfect Insta photo and then ensure that it sits well on your overall insta feed?
I'm no expert photographer and almost all of my IG pics are taken with an iPhone. My no1 tip when using an iPhone would be to make sure there is loads of natural light to avoid grainy looking photos!
I don't get too particular with how photos will sit on my overall insta feed but I'm generally drawn to a muted earthy colour palette which is probably obvious as you scroll down. I love a mixture of dark and light photos and every now and then I like something quite minimal to avoid feeling to cluttered!
4/ As you can see, we love the palette of your feed- what colours are on your bedding right now?
Right now my bed is a mixture of charcoal, oatmeal and pinstripes. All linen of course! I converted to linen bedding a few years ago, I just love it!